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Turin: Private City and Historic Cafes Tour
196 USD
Enjoy a private guided tour to discover Turin and its most famous and historic cafes. Visit the fascinating places that became the headquarters of the Italian Renaissance, at the time when Turin was the center of the struggle against the Austrians.
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Turin is known as the home of chocolate and breadsticks also as the home of the ritual of the aperitif and much more besides. You simply can't visit the city without experiencing the extraordinary atmosphere of its historic cafes. Visit the elegant salons, smelling of pastry, that - among their velvets and fancy mirrors - have hosted artists, politicians and intellectuals for over two centuries. Following your private guide, during this tour, you'll walk around Turin and pop into some of the most famous and important cafes in the city, such as Caffe Fiorio, Caffe Baratti and Milan, Caffe Mulassano, Caffe Torino and Caffe San Carlo. At the end of the tour, you will get to sample a delightful traditional bicerin.