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Turin: Interactive Vermouth-Making Workshop at Casa Martini
38 USD
Take part in an interactive vermouth class and discover the secrets and the balance behind Martini vermouths. Create your vermouth for real and bring it along! Arrive an hour before and visit Casa Martini, it's included!
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Practical info
Learn all about vermouth from a Martini master in an interactive guided workshop in Turin. Hear about the drink's history, discover ancient techniques, and try your hand at making your own vermouth to take home. Enjoy the class led by a master martini maker to learn about the ins and outs of vermouth, an aromatized fortified wine flavored with botanicals. Hear about the drink's origins in mid-18th century Turin, and learn how makers use botanicals and balance aromatic notes. Finish by creating your own bottle of vermouth to take home. Stop by the adjoining Casa Martini museums during your visit, with entrance included in your workshop ticket.