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Turin: Magic Turin® Tour – Black Magic and Dark Arts
60 USD
Step into the enchanting world of Turin and uncover the secrets that lie hidden beneath its mystical surface. Join an expert guide on an unforgettable journey through the city's intriguing history, where myths and legends come alive.
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Delve into Turin's mystical aura, where the forces of light and darkness converge. Embark on a private bus tour, guided by a local expert, to uncover the city's intriguing esoteric heritage. This enchanting journey, known as the Magic Turin tour, will reveal the city's mystical and enigmatic aspects, earning its reputation as one of the world's top 5 magical destinations. The adventure begins in Piazza Statuto, a district notorious for its dark past. In ancient times, the Romans used this site as a burial ground, shrouding the area in bad luck. As night falls, discover the eerie stone gargoyles, cryptic masonic symbols, ominous architecture, and esoteric markings that adorn the historic heart of Turin. Uncover a hidden gem on the façade of the majestic Cathedral, home to the revered Holy Shroud. The tour concludes in the realm of white magic, surrounded by breathtaking squares, ancient legends, and the guardians of this captivating city.