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Turin: Dining Experience at a Local's Home
113 USD
Indulge in a luxurious 4-course culinary journey, tailored specifically for you. As you savor each dish, you'll have the unique opportunity to witness the art of traditional cooking, as our chef shares treasured family recipes that have been lovingly passed down through the ages.
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Step into the heart of Italian culture with an intimate dinner experience at a local's home. Be treated to a personalized culinary demonstration, where cherished family recipes, passed down through generations of Italian "nonnas," come alive. As you savor each dish, you'll feel the warmth of genuine Italian hospitality, connecting with the locals in a truly unique setting. Indulge in a four-course culinary journey, complete with a starter, pasta, main course with side dish, and decadent dessert. Quench your thirst with refreshing drinks, including water, a selection of regional wines, and rich coffee, all expertly curated to perfect your Italian culinary adventure.