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The Founders

A wonderful mix of skills, creativity & passion.

zonzofox mascotte


ZonzoFox is our clever mascotte guiding people in every remote place of the country.

marco rizzone

Marco Rizzone

CEO - The factotum of the group: his full stack skills range from business to UX design, with a growing passion for coding. After experiencing Silicon Valley, investment funds and incubators, he left his PhD in Innovation Management to be fully committed to his startup. He prefers to do things rather than theorize them.

andrea cimino

Andrea Cimino

CTO - The hacker of the group: he is an expert developer with great vision and pragmatic approach. As PhD Student in computer engineering, he is becoming a master in machine learning techniques and advanced algorithms. His experiences includes companies, research centers and startups.

nicola roccatagliata

Nicola Roccatagliata

The creative of the group: industrial product designer and professional photographer with extraordinary out-of-the-box thinking skills. Empathetic and concrete, he brings down to Earth the other two when necessary, with a smile. His international and multi-sectoral experiences gave him the ability to see problems from different perspectives.

The Crew

Great collaborators who joined us!

enrico gotti

Enrico Gotti

International Affairs

fiorenzo di pietro

Fiorenzo Di Pietro

Business Development

francesca anichini

Francesca Anichini


roberta vergagni

Roberta Vergagni


isabella trapani

Isabella Trapani


cristina romanelli

Cristina Romanelli


valeria c

Valeria Cigognini


claudia aldovrandi

Claudia Aldovrandi

Local Development

eleonora vaiana

Eleonora Vaiana


Our supporters

Everybody is unique...

Our Partners

ZonzoFox is a scalable platform for the travel industry: through its technology, data and network it can enable local business growth.

If you think we can create a win-win commercial or institutional partnership together, just contact us!

Based in Messina, they are our Sicilian Partners: a great team of young professionals very committed to promote tourism in the region.
Together, we are going to distribute through ZonzoFox free city guides in Messina and the province.
Our point of reference in the Murgia: a proactive team, able to look at the future with strategic vision. Together we are working to promote the area of Gravina in Puglia, Altamura and Matera, creating synergies with the local economic system.
Focused on the hospitality industry, B&B Selection chooses the best Italian bed & breakfasts verifying through its network of travelers the respect of high quality standards, in order to purpose only reliable structures. We work together to offer innovative services to their affiliates as well as specific benefits for their guests.
Association of the best Italian startups in the field of Tourism and Culture, with the aim to promote creativity and digital innovation for the development of the Italian economy. For us it's a great meeting point, an opportunity to interact with peers and share our experiences.
We joined them after winning the 3rd prize at the EIT Digital Idea Challenge (Urban Life & Mobility) in 2015, a European competition with over 450 high-profile candidates from 26 countries. They are our bridge to Europe and constantly help us to internationalize our business connecting with a valuable network of leading companies, universities and research centers.

Our Mission

We work to make it easier for travellers to find the information they need, taking into account their personal interests, constraints and expectations, with the aim to simplify their journey.

In our vision technology is the key to promote Italian cultural heritage, its wonderful landscapes, typical foods and local communities, creating new businesses opportunities related to tourism.

Local Ambassadors

Join our community!

local ambassadors

Thanks to a growing community of locals we are able to give you authentic and accurate advices: discover the hidden spots that locals like to hang out and avoid tourist traps!

Currently Italian residents only can enroll to the Local Ambassadors Program.
See our Italian version of this website to learn more.

Press Resources

A press kit to get additional information about the company.

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A double-sided platform

ZonzoFox is not only a tech platform, but also a business platform.

Through our technology we offer free services to tourists and sell premium services to local businesses, big brands and local institutions interested in targeted advertising and destination marketing.

Since our platform is scalable worldwide, outside Europe and the U.S. we can also offer to a strict number of selected partners whitelabel and country specific versions of it.
zonzofox platform

Main Services


Web/Mobile App

Both from computer or smartphone, tourists can easily get all the info they need in every step of their journey, for free.

Getting inspired: Web Portal

Booking: Compare Prices Tool

Visiting: Mobile App & PDF


Targeted Advertising

Restaurants, Shops, Pubs & Clubs, Hotels & Tour Operators: selected local businesses to be shown to a very targeted public.

An opportunity for big brands of the "Made in Italy" and the travel industry too.

For more details visit our
Business Services Website


Destination Marketing

A powerful tool for Local Institutions to promote tourism in their territories: a way to be visible when tourists get inspired, but also to constantly support them when they finally come.

For more details visit our
Destination Marketing Website


White Label

License our ready-to-go scalable technology and replicate our business in your country!

Platform rebranding and co-branding opportunities for international companies.

Contact us for more details.

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