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Turin: 3-Hour Gastronomy Tour
124 USD
Embark on a gastronomic adventure through the charming streets of Piedmont, where the scent of rich flavors and aromas will tantalize your senses. Join a guided culinary stroll and indulge in a delectable journey, savoring five authentic local specialties that will leave your taste buds singing.
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Embark on a culinary adventure through the charming streets of Turin's historic center, starting at Piazza Statuto. As you wander through the narrow alleys, a local expert will regale you with tales of the Piedmontese region's rich culture and history. Indulge in the region's iconic gianduiotto, a unique chocolate treat shaped like an ingot, with a fascinating backstory. Legend has it that these chocolates were born during Napoleon's continental blockade, when resourceful chocolatiers substituted hazelnuts for expensive cocoa. Next, raise a glass of bicerin, a traditional non-alcoholic drink that takes its name from the Piedmontese word for "glass." This 18th-century treat, originally known as bavareisa, combines coffee, chocolate, and creamy milk, served in elegant, transparent glasses. Savor the local specialty, vitel tonnè, paired with a glass of wine. This classic dish, whose name comes from the Piedmontese dialect, features tender meat topped with a tangy anchovy sauce. Although its origins are shrouded in mystery, it's believed that anchovies from nearby Liguria were used as a salt substitute during the Middle Ages. Finally, indulge in an assortment of delicious local cheeses, many of which have earned protected designation of origin (DOP) status.