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Turin: Casa Martini Tour with Tasting
21 USD
Discover the history of the Martini brand with a guided tour of its facilities in Turin. Learn about vermouth production and the origins of this iconic drink, then end your journey with a tasting.
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Practical info
Immerse yourself in the history of Martini, a world-famous vermouth production company, founded in 1863. Embark on a guided tour of Casa Martini in Turin to see first-hand how their iconic vermouth is produced. Enjoy a delicious guided tasting after your tour. Step into Casa Martini and allow expert guides to lead you through the history of the Martini brand and its popular products. Visit the production plant and see for yourself where the magic happens. Hear all about the long, fascinating history of this 19th-century business. Finally, end your immersive experience with a guided drink tasting of Martini products. Acquire a deeper understanding of the world of vermouth and its different varieties.