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Trieste: Train ticket connecting airport and city
Touch down at Trieste airport, a vibrant transportation hub that seamlessly connects you to your next destination. Thanks to Trenitalia's efficient rail network, you can effortlessly combine train travel with flights, car journeys, and bus connections - making your onward journey a breeze.
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Practical info
Reaching Trieste airport is a breeze, with a quick 30-minute train ride from Trieste's main station. The airport stop, located between Cervignano AG and Monfalcone stations, is conveniently serviced by approximately 70 daily trains. Ditch the hassle of queuing for tickets and avoid tedious layovers. Instead, plan your departure with ease and confidence. As part of the Trieste Airpor intermodal hub, the train stop connects seamlessly to Trieste-Ronchi dei Legionari airport, which also features a bus station with 16 lines and a spacious car park for 1500 vehicles. The train station will soon be linked to the airport via a pedestrian walkway, making it one of the "barrier-free" stations designed to accommodate travellers with disabilities or limited mobility. Take advantage of the convenient transfer service between Trieste Airport and the city centre on comfortable and safe trains. Relax in your seat and unwind before or after a long flight, letting the gentle sway of the train soothe your mind and body.