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Panoramic Piran and Salt Pans: E-Bike Boutique Tour
181 USD
Explore the Slovenian coast in style with our exclusive e-bike tour, Panoramic Piran and Salt Pans. This coveted adventure is a must-do for any traveller looking to experience the best of this stunning coastline. With a knowledgeable guide by your side, you'll discover the region's hidden gems in just four hours.
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Practical info
Experience the best of your trip in just 3 hours! Our unique eBike tour takes you on an unforgettable journey, starting and ending at the picturesque Piran and Portorož. Get ready to uncover hidden gems, breathtaking views, and immerse yourself in the local culture. As we begin, take in the panoramic views from the top of a hill that's off the beaten path, even for locals! From this vantage point, you'll gaze out at Croatia, Italy, the majestic Alps, and the Dolomites. After capturing the perfect photo, we'll refuel with a coffee and kick-start our adventure. First, we'll cover the essentials of eBiking, from rules of the road to cycling trails. Then, we'll embark on a leisurely ride to the hilltop, taking in the stunning views of Trieste on one side and the Croatian coastline on the other. Next, we'll glide downhill to Fiesa, a picturesque lake with a tiny border on the Adriatic Sea, boasting some of the most beautiful beaches in Slovenia. Our journey continues to the iconic Santa Gorgas Church, where you can snap more photos of Piran or explore the church's bell tower. We'll then meander through the charming streets of Rt Madona and Tartini Square, taking a short break to soak up the atmosphere. Next, we'll ride to the picturesque Portorož, exploring its flower-lined coastal roads and making a surprise stop along the way. Afterward, we'll visit Lucija and ascend a small hill, where you'll discover an impressive collection of over 120 stone sculptures, crafted by artisans from over 30 countries. Our tour wouldn't be complete without a visit to the Sečovlje salt pans, a 650-hectare coastal marshland and a haven for birdwatchers. Learn about the centuries-old salt production process, which has remained unchanged for 700 years. Take some time to browse local goods and snap photos of the pans. Finally, we'll indulge in a wine and food tasting experience at a panoramic point, savoring local specialties like refošk and malvazija wines, accompanied by delicious local delights such as Kraški pršut, fresh vegetables, and cheese. As we conclude our tour, feel free to relax in the beautiful panoramic garden, the perfect ending to an unforgettable adventure.