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Trieste: 2.5-Hour Private Walking Tour w/ a Local Guide
115 USD
On this guided walking tour, you'll explore the pretty city of Trieste, rich in history and architectural beauties, although still quite ignored by most of the tourist flows. Breathe the real soul of the city and discover what makes it truly unique.
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Practical info
Join this private walking tour led by a local guide to discover the beautiful city of Trieste. This place is - strangely - still quite 'ignored' by most of the touristic flows, but it represents a real gem of Italy, although geographically isolated from the rest of Italy. During this tour which starts from Trieste cruise port, you will breathe in the authentic atmosphere of the city, while you walk along its ancient streets, alleys and historic buildings. The tour will touch some of the most important spots of the ancient Trieste, such as the main square (Piazza Cavana), the Cathedral of San Giusto, the Castle of San Giusto, the Roman Theater, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Church of San Silvestro, the Borgo Teresiano and the Grand Canal. During your walk, especially when you're near Piazza Cavana, don't forget to take a look at the beautiful historical buildings all around you, from the fruit markets to the craft fairs. From a few panoramic spots, you'll also have the chance to enjoy beautiful views of the city, the harbor and the sea. Oh, and don't forget to bring your camera along!