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Miramare: The most romantic, beautiful and sad castle.
123 USD
I invite you for a walk - a tour around the gardens of castle Miramare.. You will dive in the time of Habsburgs, intrigues, mysteries and romance.
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The name of the castle translates as “looking into the sea” - and it looks into the sea from a picturesque cliff at the Gulf of Trieste. Snow-white, against the background of the turquoise sea and blue sky, it amazes with its beauty. Miramare Castle was built in the 19th century. Once here, you can understand why the Austrian Archduke Maximilian chose this place to build a residence for himself and his wife Charlotte. Maximilian, who brought exotic plants from distant countries, created an extensive collection in his park, which can be admired to this day. The park is a completely man-made creation. At the beginning of construction, the castle was surrounded only by almost bare hills, overgrown with bushes. Previously, Miramare Park was also decorated with Egyptian exhibits, one of which, the Sphinx, was preserved near the pier. During the tour you will hear the romantic and tragic story of Maximilian and Charlotte, you will see and hear about Miramare architectural buildings, plants, ponds and fountains. At the end of the excursion, I will tell you about the delightful stuff inside the castle.