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Trieste: Habsburg History Private Walking Tour
196 USD
Learn the Habsburg history of the 4th largest city of the Austro-Hungarian Empire on a private walking tour of Trieste. Discover one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, stroll the narrow lanes of the old medieval center and more.
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Get a personal introduction to the beautiful seaport city of Trieste on a private walking tour with a local guide. Discover a gem of Italy that remains remarkably off the tourist trail. See the most important places, piazzas and buildings that reflect the Habsburg domination of the area during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Marvel at the stunning sea views from Piazza Unità d'Italia, and then walk over to the Borgo Teresiano district and Piazza della Borsa to see the theater dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi.  Stroll along the pretty banks of the Canal Grande to reach Tergesteo and the elegant Palazzo Gopcevich and Palazzo Scaramagnà. Enter Piazza Ponterosso at the heart of Borgo Teresiano, and then walk along Via San Nicolò, lined with boutique stores and restaurants.