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Trieste Bus Tour with Audio Guide
17 USD
Discover the beauty of Trieste on a guided bus tour, complete with complimentary Wi-Fi and immersive audio commentary. This orientation tour is the perfect way to get acquainted with the city's rich history and stunning landmarks. Marvel at the unique Molo Audace pier, crafted from the remnants of a vintage vessel, and marvel at the majestic Miramare Castle, poised elegantly along the waterfront. Many more breathtaking attractions await your arrival.
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Practical info
Explore the charms of Trieste in style and comfort from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus, equipped with state-of-the-art audio guides that provide fascinating insights into the city's iconic landmarks as you pass by. Simply hop on at the convenient Molo Audace pier and sit back, relaxed, as the bus navigates the historic heart of the city. Feel free to get on and off the bus at any of the designated stops, and simply catch the next one when you're ready to continue your journey. Your 24-hour ticket guarantees a seat on the route you've booked, so you can hop off and explore whenever the mood takes you. The bus route takes you to: • Molo Audace, the bustling pier where your journey begins • The picturesque Mandracchio Shore, with its stunning Unità d'Italia Square • Nazario Sauro Shore, home to the vibrant Salone degli Incanti and Eataly • Ottaviano Augusto Street, where the historic Lighthouse and La Lanterna Baths await • Campo Marzio Street, with its fascinating Sea Museum • Grumula Shore, featuring the beautiful Venezia Square • Teatro Romano Street, where the impressive Santa Maria Maggiore Church and ancient Roman Theater stand • Saint Spiridione Street, lined with historic landmarks like the Orthodox Serbian Temple of Saint Spiridione and Saint Antonio Square • Roma Street, boasting the grand Vittorio Veneto Square and majestic Grande Canal • Italia Boulevard, with its vibrant Borsa Square • Saint Giusto Hill, crowned with the magnificent San Giusto Castle and Church • Goldoni Square, a charming spot to take in the city atmosphere • Carducci Boulevard, lined with cafes and shops • Oberdan Square, with its convenient Tram Station • Libertà Square, where the bustling Train Station hums with activity • Miramare Boulevard, which takes you to the picturesque Old Port, Barcola Pine Forest, and Barcola Crossroads, with its stunning Miramare Castle • The scenic Miramare Boulevard, with its beautiful Seafront and Topolini Baths • Back to Libertà Square and the Train Station, before concluding at Tre Novembre Shore, with its striking Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Nicolò • Your journey ends back at Molo Audace, where it all began.