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Montalcino: Backstage Brunello & Gourmet Wine-Food Tasting
141 USD
Look behind the wine cellar scenes and taste Brunello barrel sample with the winemaker in a personal atmosphere in our cellar. After taste 6 Brunelli paired with individually developed Gourmet Bites.
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Practical info
During this exclusive experience, you will taste various Brunelli (in anteprima) directly from the barrel together with the winemaker, in our vaulted cellar. She will introduce you to our philosophy and working methods. During the intimate tasting, you can interact individually, taste the differences between the Brunello Cru and the terroir and discover how our wines evolve with time. After the unique behind-the-scenes insights, a set table awaits you in our tasting room for the Gourmet Brunello Cru Tasting that will make your palate explode. You will be served 6 Brunelli (1 vintage Brunello, 3 Brunello Cru, and 2 Brunello Cru Riserva) in 3 flights, with specially designed Gourmet Bites to accompany each wine. In this way, we would like to show you the diversity and synergy of nature in an exciting way. Which dishes go well with our wines and support their elegance?