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San Gimignano: Olive Oil Tasting and Tuscan Snacks
10 USD
Discover how the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made and how to taste it in a lovely location as Tenuta Torciano estate, in the heart of Tuscany, close to San Gimignano.
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Practical info
Italy is not only food and wine, but also oil. Olive oil tasting is one of the most authentic experiences that Tuscany has to offer and the perfect occasion to learn how to taste the “liquid gold”. At first you will get a detailed introduction to the world of extra virgin olive oil in our area, the techniques of olive collection, the kinds of trees available in Tuscany and the philosophy behind our production. Our olives are selected in top-tier groves in Tuscany’s Chianti Classico and Florence hills. This is the beginning of our top-quality extra-virgin olive oil with its strong identity. With this service you will be able to taste our fantastic oils at the bar with an incredible tasting with an expert guide. The original Tuscan olive oil comes from only specific olive varietals and is hand harvested. As soon as the daily hand-picking is completed, the olives are pressed in a certified olive press, where the oil extracting processes are carried out with skilled knowledge and great passion under our supervision. Immediate pressing ensures a product of extremely high freshness, whose flavors and aromas remain unaltered. The technical tasting of our varieties at bar unveils the amazing range of aromas and flavors (Chianti Classico D.O.P; Toscana I.G.P; 100% Italiano Blend, Extra Virgin Selected Olive Oil, plus six different aromatic oils) as well as showing you how to use each one in the kitchen. It will also help you to learn about the varietals and different techniques of cultivation. This is a great occasion for you to learn how to taste exquisite olive oil and to understand the differences between a massive industrial production and a real top quality traditional local.