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Siena: Siena Cathedral and Piccolomini Library Entry Ticket
Unlock the secrets of Siena's majestic cathedral, bypassing the crowds with priority entry. Be mesmerized by the intricate details and lavish ornaments that adorn the interior of this stunning Duomo. Delve deeper into the cathedral's hidden gems, including the breathtaking frescoes by Pinturicchio within the Piccolomini Library, a true masterclass in Renaissance art.
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Step into the breathtaking Siena Cathedral, bypassing the long lines and immersing yourself in a world of artistic and architectural wonders. As you wander through the sacred space, your eyes will be drawn to the kaleidoscope of colors that dance across the intricate marble mosaic floor. Delve deeper into the heart of the cathedral, where you'll discover an awe-inspiring treasure trove of Renaissance masterpieces. Marvel at the exquisite altarpieces, a magnificent sculpture by the legendary Michelangelo, and an array of ornate details that adorn the vast interior. Next, step into the Piccolomini Library, a treasure trove of vibrant frescoes that bring the life of Pope Pius II to vivid life. Gaze up at the stunning domed ceiling, where intricate patterns and scenes from the pope's life blend in perfect harmony. To enhance your experience, an official audio guide is at your fingertips. Simply scan a QR code on your cellphone to unlock a wealth of insights into the cathedral's rich history and artistic heritage.