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Siena Walking Tour with Cathedral and Crypt & Museum Option
58 USD
Unleash the charm of Siena on a captivating guided stroll, complete with skip-the-line access to the breathtaking Cathedral. Take your experience to the next level by opting for the premium package, which includes the OPA SI Pass. This exclusive pass grants you unfettered entry to the Cathedral Complex, the mysterious Crypt, and the treasure trove of the Museum.
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Embark on an enchanting exploration of Siena, a medieval town steeped in history and charm, on a guided walking tour that whisks you away to its hidden gems. Your adventure unfolds in the heart of Siena's historic center, where you'll meet your expert guide and a small band of fellow travelers. Winding through the narrow, labyrinthine streets and picturesque squares, you'll uncover the tranquil atmosphere of Siena's tucked-away corners. As you delve into Siena's rich heritage, your guide will regale you with tales of the thrilling Palio horse race and shed light on the mysteries of the Old Ghetto and Tower District. You'll ascend to breathtaking viewpoints, capturing stunning vistas of the iconic Duomo and Torre del Mangia. En route to the majestic Piazza Del Campo, marvel at the architectural masterpieces that punctuate Siena's skyline, including the renowned Duomo. Learn about the fascinating history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, shaped by the visionary governance of the 14th century. As you stroll through Siena's distinct Contrade, each representing a unique neighborhood steeped in tradition, imagine the fiery rivalry that ignites during the Palio. Immerse yourself in the authentic ambiance of these vibrant communities and indulge in local delicacies like Ricciarelli and Panforte. Pause to admire the ornate Fonte Gaia fountain in Piazza del Campo, adorned with intricate reliefs depicting biblical scenes. Then, with our pre-arranged tickets, bypass the queues and enter the awe-inspiring Cathedral, where you'll traverse its hallowed halls adorned with masterpieces by Tuscan masters such as Duccio, Pisano, and Pinturicchio. The Cathedral is home to many Renaissance highlights and the famous Piccolomini Library. Opt to expand your tour with an OPA SI Pass, which grants you access to the Cathedral's hidden treasures, including the captivating Crypt adorned with centuries-old frescoes. Learn from your guide about the visionaries behind the Duomo Nuovo and explore the Museo dell’Opera, featuring exquisite sculptures and stained glass windows. Bid farewell to your guide and take the opportunity to ascend the Facciatone, the unfinished façade of the New Cathedral, at your own pace. From this lofty vantage point, drink in the panoramic vistas of Siena and its picturesque countryside, concluding your journey on a truly unforgettable note.