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Montalcino: Castle and Vineyards Tour with Tasting
38 USD
Embark on a fascinating journey through the esteemed vineyards of Brunello and uncover the intricate process of winemaking from grape to glass. As you explore the renowned estate, you'll have the opportunity to savor a selection of their finest wines, sampling a range of styles and vintages along the way.
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Step into the rolling hills of Tuscany's iconic Brunello region and uncover the art of winemaking at a renowned estate steeped in history. Wander through the castle's picturesque courtyards, nestled among lush vineyards that have been cultivating the region's famous Brunello for centuries. Embark on a 1-hour guided adventure through the estate's castle, cellars, and vineyards, culminating in a wine tasting experience within the historic courtyard. Your journey begins at the grand entrance, where you'll meander through the castle's ancient walls and cross the 16th-century Baldassare Peruzzi bridge, offering breathtaking views. Visit the enchanting Chapel of the Virgin of the Veil, housing a revered relic of the Virgin Mary's veil. As you stroll through the estate, discover the noble vineyards and ancient medieval cellars that have been perfected over time. The grand finale? A tasting of three carefully selected Brunello wines, expertly paired with local delicacies to delight your senses.