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Modena: 3-Hour Cooking Class with Three Course Meal
117 USD
Step into the Modena kitchen of a local chef and discover the secrets of traditional Emilia-Romagna cuisine. In this immersive cooking experience, you'll learn how to prepare mouth-watering dishes using the region's freshest ingredients. Savor the fruits of your labor with a delightful three-course meal, expertly paired with a wine tasting that will leave your taste buds singing!
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Step into the intimate setting of a chef's home and spend a leisurely afternoon or evening mastering the art of traditional Italian cooking. Modena, the culinary heart of Italy, is waiting to unveil its secrets. Discover the region's pride - the authentic balsamic vinegar, gigantic tortellini packed with mouthwatering fillings, and the crisp, fruity Lambrusco wine. Uncover the hidden gems of the city's culinary scene, where off-the-beaten-path eateries serve up some of the best-kept secrets. Join your host, a passionate gourmet, in the kitchen to craft handmade pasta and other local specialties. Using only the freshest ingredients from the local market, you'll learn the art of preparing Emilia-Romagna's signature dishes. As you cook, uncover the secrets of Italian cuisine and learn how to pair your creations with the perfect Italian wine. Once the cooking class is complete, sit down with your host to savor the fruits of your labor, enjoying the delicious dishes you've prepared together.