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Modena: Guided Balsamic Vinegar Cellar Tour & Optional Meal
16 USD
Embark on a fascinating journey through the ages as you delve into the rich history and production of balsamic vinegar on a guided excursion to a family-owned vinegary nestled in the picturesque hills of Modena. Take your experience to the next level by opting for an additional mouth-watering meal or hands-on cooking class.
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Uncover the mystical world of balsamic vinegar, a condiment steeped in tradition and secrets passed down through generations. Join Claudio or his grandfather Franco on a journey through the acetaia, where the origins and history of this revered liquid are revealed. Before your tour, Claudio shares the fascinating tale of his family, a story of high-performance cars and slow-cooked passion. His mother, raised in the countryside by farmer parents, inherited a precious battery of balsamic vinegar from her grandfather. When she married, she asked her husband to start a new battery for their children. Meanwhile, Claudio's father pursued a career in car engineering, working with Ferrari and Lamborghini, yet never lost his passion for Aceto, which he still tends to at the age of 82. From our 10-hectare vineyard, where five hectares are dedicated to the prized Trebbiano Modenese grapes, we carefully select the finest grapes for our balsamic vinegar production. The cooking process is followed by a laborious aging process, where the liquid is transferred between barrels, maturing for many years until it reaches its final, smallest barrel. Finally, it's bottled, a testament to the patience required to produce this exceptional condiment. In addition to our traditional balsamic vinegar, we also produce PGI-certified balsamic vinegar, with a shorter aging process but still remarkable for its versatility and flavour profile, similar to the traditional version. Claudio has further developed innovative condiments that emulate the traditional balsamic experience, but with reduced aging times. If you're curious about the nuances and differences between traditional and commercial balsamic vinegars, come and explore with us.