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Le Morette, il lago e la cucina
76 USD
Immerse yourself in a unique experience that combines the best of wine, culinary delights, and breathtaking scenery. Explore the winery and indulge in a guided tour, followed by a wine tasting featuring six exceptional varieties. To top it off, enjoy a delicious lunch at the Vecchio Mulino Beach restaurant, located directly on the shores of stunning Lake Garda.
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Practical info
Indulge in the ultimate wine and dine experience with our exclusive package! Start with a guided tour of the winery, where you'll have the opportunity to sample three distinct wines under the expert guidance of our hospitality team. After working up an appetite, head to the picturesque Vecchio Mulino Beach restaurant, just a short 1.5 km drive from the winery. Here, you'll be treated to a delectable lunch featuring a specially curated menu: Wine Tastings: * Cépage Lugana doc Brut * Lugana Mandolara doc * Lugana Benedictus doc Lunch Menu: * Carpaccio of homemade bresaola cured beef, served with a zesty lime and ginger sauce on a bed of baby spinach and cheese, paired with Cèpage Rosè Chiaretto Spumante doc Brut * Fresh egg pasta maccheroncini tossed in a rich lake ragout, finished with thyme and cherry tomatoes, paired with Lugana Mandolara doc * Pan-seared octopus "rosticciata" atop a velvety pumpkin cream, accompanied by smoked pepper, new potatoes, fried tomatoes, and crisp "riccia" lettuce, paired with Serai Rosso Veronese igt Quench your thirst with water, coffee, and freshly baked homemade bread. Please note that each wine tasting includes one glass per type. The winery offers ample private parking, and we'll provide directions to the restaurant. Kindly inform us of any food allergies or intolerances in advance. Please note that children and teenagers under 18 will be charged for menu items, as they cannot participate in wine tastings.