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Lazise: Beekeeping Farm Tour and Tasting Experience
42 USD
Embark on a fascinating journey to a picturesque farm in Lazise, where the sweet world of bees awaits. Immerse yourself in a unique adventure, indulging in the sweetness of their pure honey, savoring artisanal cheeses, and raising a glass to the region's finest wines.
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Embark on a fascinating adventure that will delight your senses at a picturesque Italian farm. Immerse yourself in the world of bees and indulge in a glass of fine regional wine or refreshing fruit juice. As you explore the farm, discover the art of honey production and learn about the incredible benefits of these natural wonders. Gain insight into the daily life of the farm and uncover the secrets behind the creation of delicious honey, beeswax, and other hive products. At the end of the tour, savor the flavors of the farm with a slice of freshly baked bread paired with pesto or creamy vegetable spreads. Treat your taste buds to a delightful honey and cheese tasting experience, featuring three distinct varieties of honey and homemade jam crafted from the farm's luscious fruits, perfectly paired with traditional Italian cheeses.