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Lazise: Biodynamic Farm Tour and Natural Wine Tasting
42 USD
Enjoy a unique experience in a biodynamic reality among vineyards, vegetable gardens, beehives, and animals. Taste natural and local wines paired with a selection of quality cold cuts and cheeses.
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Practical info
Venture into the world of Lazise and tour a biodynamic farm. Learn the natural ways of growing without aggressive intervention, chemicals, or sulfites. Take in the surrounding environment full of lush nature and taste several types of wine paired with local charcuterie. Arrive to a warm welcome and allow your hosts to accompany you on a tour of the farm. Learn the essential elements and theory of biodynamic farming, and understand the process of curating food and wines free from chemicals, artificial interventions, and toxic additives. Admire the natural beauty and be transported to another time when life was simpler. Browse the cellar and end the tour on the terrace, overlooking the vineyards. Sip on four exquisite wines paired with an arrangement of Veronese meats and cheeses.