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From Lake Garda: Verona Full-Day Tour
61 USD
Embark on a romantic adventure to the city of Verona, the legendary setting of Shakespeare's iconic star-crossed lovers. This comprehensive day trip from Lake Garda whisks you away to a world of breathtaking Renaissance architecture, rich history, and timeless romance. Wander through the charming historic center, taking in the ornate facades and picturesque piazzas. Visit the iconic Juliet's House, where you'll find the famous balcony and read the touching love notes left by admirers from around the world.
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Embark on a captivating journey to the enchanting city of Verona, a treasured gem of the Italian Renaissance. Depart from various points around Lake Garda and travel in comfort aboard a modern, air-conditioned coach. As you wander through the historic city center, marvel at the ancient Arena, a remarkably preserved Roman Empire monument that now hosts a variety of events, concerts, and the famous opera festival. Join a local guide for a 1.5-hour walking tour, exploring iconic landmarks such as Piazza dei Signori, Piazza delle Erbe, and the legendary Juliet's House. Delve into the city's rich cultural heritage, uncovering a tapestry of artistic influences from different eras. Visit medieval Castelvecchio, the tombstones of the Scaligeri family at Santa Maria Antica Church, and the ancient Roman bridge spanning the Adige River. Later, indulge in some leisure time, strolling down Via Mazzini, and browsing the charming local boutiques and high-end shops before returning to Lake Garda.