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Lugana: Vineyards Tour and Lugana Wine Tasting
42 USD
Experience Lugana wines on this guided tour of a vineyard and cellar followed by a tasting. Learn about winemaking then enjoy 4 incredible wines, with cold cuts, an omelet, and Grana Padano cheese.
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Practical info
The experiences starts with a tour in the vineyards, where you will be able to know the different varieties and how we take care of the land to produce the best Lugana wines. Then there will be the visit of the cellars, the new one, where we process the wines, with an explanation of the winemaking process, according to our philosophy. Later, in the aged cellar, the tasting will take place, including 4 our our best wines: the first is a classic method sparkling wine from Lugana, the second one is a blend produced with Trebbiamo di Lugana and Sauvignon blanc grapes, followed by the traditional Lugana DOC, and finally you will taste a red wine, the Garda Merlot DOC, that grows in clayey soils. All the tasting will be accompanied by cold cuts, bread, omelette and Grana Padano cheese.