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Mantua Self-Guided Historical Walking Tour
Unravel the rich history of Mantua at your leisure on this independent adventure. Embark on a scenic stroll from the majestic Castello di San Giorgio, wandering through the city's picturesque heart while deciphering intriguing historical enigmas along the way.
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Embark on an interactive journey through the heart of Mantua, uncovering the city's fascinating history on a unique treasure hunt-style walking tour. With your smartphone as your guide, navigate through the picturesque city center, stopping at iconic landmarks like the grand city squares. As you explore, tackle nine historical riddles that will test your knowledge and keep you engaged. Begin your adventure at the majestic Castello di San Giorgio, where your smartphone will provide a treasure trove of historical insights and riddles to solve along the way. Follow the route, which spans approximately 2 kilometers, and delve into the rich history of Mantua, from its humble beginnings to the 20th century.