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Desenzano: tasting of Lugana wines with vineyard tour
49 USD
Embark on a unique adventure that combines a passion for sustainability and a deep respect for Mother Nature. Visit a picturesque family-run winery nestled in the heart of the Italian countryside, near the breathtaking Lake Garda. As you explore this hidden gem, you'll have the opportunity to sample a selection of four exceptional wines from the renowned Lugana and Valtenesi regions. This unforgettable experience will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the art of winemaking and the beauty of Italy's rural landscapes.
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Discover the charm of Lake Garda's southern shores, where the renowned wine regions of Lugana and Valtenesi thrive. Our vineyards are nestled in this picturesque setting, perfect for crafting exceptional wines that have gained international acclaim. As we explore the cellars and vineyards together, we'll share our passion for sustainable agriculture and our commitment to preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings. You'll also get to explore our underground sparkling wine quarries and our barrel cellar, where you'll learn the secrets behind our winemaking techniques. The grand finale awaits at our tasting area, where you'll indulge in a selection of four premium wines from the Lugana and Valtenesi regions, carefully paired with artisanal cold cuts and cheeses. Savor the rich flavors of a Lugana Doc, a crisp Brut sparkling wine, a vibrant Valtenesi Chiaretto Rosè, and a bold Merlot – an unforgettable sensory journey awaits!