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Food tasting in Vicenza

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The Vicenza area is, by tradition, bound to the cult of good wine and its passion for good food, with a variety of food from cheese to fish and cold cuts. 
The Asiago Plateau is renowned for cheese (Asiago PDO, Morlacco and Burlacco, produced only in summertime in the Grappa area). 
Strong and singular flavors are offered by cold cuts like the Soppressa Vicentina (a perfect combination of sweet and peppery), the Veneto Berico-Euganeo PDO and the Val Liona hams, and even donkey meat salami that can be grilled, fried or eaten raw with polenta

The land offers a variety of fruit and vegetables, particularly white asparagus and the white radicchio of Bassano del Grappa, the potatoes of Rotzo, the cherries of Marostica, the mushrooms of Costozza, and the black truffles of the Berici Hills. As for fish, the most famous is without a doubt the "baccalà alla vicentina" (dried codfish), followed by the excellent brown trout, prized for its white meat and delicate taste, and cooked in tinfoil, grilled or boiled. 
These authentic dishes can be complemented with a glass of good local wine of the Vicenza Province.
Among the wide variety of distilled liqueurs the most famous is certainly the grappa of Bassano del Grappa.
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