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Verona: History and Hidden Gems Walking Tour
38 USD
Join your licensed local on a walking tour through the history and hidden corners of Verona. Experience the real Verona as you discover the city's overlooked details and the history of its sights.
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Practical info
Stroll through Verona on an informative and dynamic walk with your professional guide and his live monolingual commentary. Focus your attention on the important details one usually overlooks and fully enjoy the sights as you walk through the main landmarks, as well as hidden charming corners. Meet your guide in the actual main square, Piazza Bra, and get straight away back in the Roman era, when the Arena was housing the gladiators' games and learn about it's peculiar form, size, age and discover how it could survive a couple of millennia. Access an archaeological site and discover what lies in the underground. Follow the line of the early mediaeval citywall to reach the Corso, the oldest and most important local street, alongside which most remarkable buildings lie. Marvel at Porta Jovia, the most beautifully decorated Roman monument, and stare at the scenic view over the river with a stunning medieval castle and its bridge. Enter the Roman part of Verona and adventure inside blocks of houses. Learn how to identify the age of the buildings and how architecture changed in the course of centuries. Explore Piazza delle Erbe and picture the oldest fountain as well as the most beautiful façades in town. Listen to the anecdotes about the life at the market place. Marvel at Piazza dei Signori with public buildings such as Palazzo della Ragione, Palazzo Della Scala, and Palazzo del Capitano. Unveil the identity of the highest tower in town and dive into the medieval life of an Italian wealthy city. Discover the most important, powerful and famous local family ever, listen to curious anecdotes about them and sneak inside the biggest and most beautiful church in town. Marvel at the dramatic Arche Scaligere mausoleums on your way to Romeo’s house and the Juliet's balcony, and uncover the background of the Shakespearean tragedy. At the end of the tour, after having crossed the town centre from side to side you will find yourself in the heart of it, ready and capable to further make the most of your time in fair Verona, UNESCO world heritage site.