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Gardaland Park: 2-Day Consecutive Open Date Entry Ticket
65 USD
Experience 2 days of excitement and adventure at Gardaland Park. Discover 40 rides including 6 adrenaline-pumping rollercoasters for plenty of fun for the whole family, as well as groups.
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Explore Gardaland Park, the top theme park in Italy, across two consecutive days with a special 2-day pass. Enjoy a magical time at the park situated on the southeastern banks of Lake Garda, with a variety of rides and attractions suitable for all ages. Discover a wide variety of rides and shows that will satisfy a truly diverse crowd, from early childhood to adolescence and beyond. Whether amongst groups of friends or family, all the rides of Gardaland Park offer a special combination of adventure, adrenaline, dream, and fantasy. Challenge the rapids in the heart of the jungle, face chilling descents, take part in the Mammoth arctic convoy. Daydream to your heart's content in the Fantasy Kingdom and all the themed areas. Throughout the day, explore rides such as Oblivion, The Black Hole dive coaster, and the mysterious Jungle Rapids. Float on a log on the Colorado Boat. Be amazed by the incredible style of the iconic I Corsari attraction. Experience the jungles of Jumanji - The Adventure in your own 4x4 off-road vehicle. Navigate your way through dangerous animals, falling obstacles, and a mighty stone giant to return the sacred jewel back to the fabled shrine in a race against time to save Jumanji. Discover the highly anticipated new attractions for the 2023 season: Jumanji® The Labyrinth: Join an exclusive and exciting experience suitable for families with children of all ages and groups of friends: enter the labyrinth in the wild jungle, with its countless pitfalls and surprises. Will you be brave enough to face the labyrinth and save JUMANJI? Nautilus: Get ready to immerse yourself in this new adventure with a unique and unpredictable live musical which will make you feel like the protagonist of an unmissable exploration into the ocean depths, thanks to an innovative concept and the use of modern technologies. Mowgli's 4D Jungle Adventure, the new 4D Experience Peppa Pig LandEnter a Peppa Pig-themed area with 3 new attractions. Sail on an exciting pirate ship, fly up in the clouds in colorful balloons, and let Grandpa Pig take you on an unforgettable trip on his cute little train.  You can purchase food and beverages at a range of restaurants, kiosks, and fast-food outlets, while you can pick up some souvenirs and gifts such as toy swords, t-shirts, and games at a host of gift shops throughout the park.