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Lake Garda: Wine Tour and Tasting Experience in Bardolino
43 USD
Embark on a fascinating 1.5-hour journey through the world of wine as you explore a local cellar. Uncover the secrets of wine production and delve into its rich history, all while savoring the picturesque views of Lake Garda and Bardolino. As you stroll through the vineyards, indulge in a specially curated selection of red and white wines, carefully chosen to complement the breathtaking scenery.
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Embark on a wine discovery journey with a certified Sommelier as your guide, as you delve into the world of exceptional Italian wines. Learn the art of wine appreciation as your expert guide takes you through a tasting experience like no other. Your adventure begins with an in-depth exploration of the winery, where traditional techniques and modern methods converge. Uncover the secrets of premium wine production, from the careful harvesting of grapes in the surrounding vineyards to the meticulous bottling process. The grand finale awaits - an exclusive wine and food pairing experience, where you'll have the pleasure of savoring two exceptional red and two crisp white wines, expertly paired with local delicacies to elevate the flavors.