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Verona: Montresor Winery Visit with Wine Tasting and Snacks
38 USD
Enjoy a guided wine-tasting experience with a visit to the Montresor Winery in Verona. Sample local wines and taste delicious snacks.
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Practical info
Fall in love with Valpolicella wines on this guided wine-tasting experience at the Montresor Winery in Verona. Taste 5 different wines with culinary products that will tingle your taste buds. Meet your guide at the Montresor Winery in Verona to begin your tour. First, you will head to the wine museum. Listen as your guide tells you about this winery that the Montresor family started in 1892 and the winemaking process.  Walk around this interactive museum. Hear all about Valpolicella wines, the history, and the brand, and discover the iconic frosted bottle. Smell the sweet aroma of different wines in the sensory room. Discover the richness of the different types of Valpolicella soil that give the grapes Corvina, Corvinone, Oseleta, Molinara, and Rondinella. Observe the whole vinification process, from the grapes to the bottling, for a complete journey through Veronese wine culture. Get to grips with the grapes as you sip on 5 of the region's wines paired with delicious culinary products. Sample the famous Capitel de la Crosara and the iconic Valpolicella wines, to name a few. Enjoy an experience you won't forget, and leave the winery merry and a bit tipsy.