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Tour Escape Verona - The happy ending of Juliet
10 USD
Discover the city playing with the legendary story of Romeo and Juliet, and help them to have a happy! Walk around the city center and solve brain teasing puzzles to help them escape from Verona!
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Practical info
The Tour Escape of Verona is an experience based on the history of Romeo and Juliet where you will discover Verona through riddles and puzzles. If you’re having trouble completing a riddle at the end of each page, you’ll find some additional tips to help you solve the chapter. But before looking at them we advise you to concentrate on the puzzles! Being a web-based game it is necessary to have a working device and an internet connection to be able to play. Make sure the battery is charged and has a data connection. Each chapter of the experience will have an audio and a text version to guide you through the missions. The experience will last approximately 2 hours depending on your speed in the movement and the resolution of the puzzles. You can start playing anytime between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. To play you must already be in Verona, and to enjoy it you better start playing when you are already in the city center, ready to walk. Some prefer to live it in daylight to better enjoy the urban landscape, others prefer to do it in the afternoon to fully live the mystery in the shadows of darkness. The search is based on Romeo and Juliet tragedy, and you will help them to have a happy ending.