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Food tasting in Perugia

Restaurants in Perugia
The cuisine in Perugia is frugal and made from genuine products such as olive oil, often accompanied by bruschetta, grilled meats, and vegetables. 
Black truffles, a typical product of the region, are used in many dishes and are the main ingredient of the Easter Pizza, a salted panettone (Christmas cake) flavoured with pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese). The lentils from Castelluccio are known for to their tiny size and their very soft hull. Salami and cold cuts from Norcia are other products not to be missed, accompanied by extra-virgin olive oil. 

Strangozzi, or Strozzapreti pasta made with water, flour and hard work, and served with various kinds of sauces, are amongst the most appetizing recipes, especially when served with meat sauces.

The types of meat that are mainly used for second courses are pork, boar and lamb cooked with spices. 
Another delicious local product is the fish from Lake Trasimeno.
Special fish-based dishes are the Tegamaccio, a soup very similar to the Tuscan Caciucco, made using different types of lake fish such as perch, trout, carp and pike. 
Another local dish is the Parmigiana di gobbi, an ancient dish made with cardoons (the gobbi), served with gravy, mozzarella and Parmigiano.

Sweet tooths and nut lovers will enjoy the pinoccate, pine nut-based sweets; the torciglione, with raisins, walnuts and dried figs; and the torcolo, essentially a large donut with raisins and candied fruit.
And of course Italy's version of the chocolate kiss is much more decadent than those found in America for instance: Baci Perugina, chocolate and hazelnut truffles in their famous silver and blue wrapping, with a romantic message tucked inside, were invented here. Also part of the panoply are Stinchetti (a mix of almond, cacao and sugar covered with merengue) and Struffoli (small balls of dough fried and sweetened with honey).
Local Christmas sweets add to the extravagance, including the famous Rocciata di Assisi

Among the typical prized wines are the Sagrantino from Montefalco, passito (when the grapes used are dried on straw) red wine that pairs perfectly with both grilled meats and sweets, Torgiano and Colli Perugini
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