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Quarries of Carrara
Quarries of Carrara
1 day trip from Parma
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Eating in Quarries of Carrara

Ristorante I Purtunzin d’Ninan

Small local characterized by elegant hospitality and by refined cuisine. The menu stands out in particular for the many fish dishes, always fresh and well prepared even raw, for the combination of high quality ingredients and good selection of wines. Perfect for all occasions, it is definitely recommended for those who want to spend a romantic evening.
  • Address: Via Lorenzo Bartolini 3, Carrara (MS)
  • Phone: (+39) 0585 74741
  • Price: 53 euro. Price range: 34-73€

Merenderia da Michel

You can stop by Michel just for a snack or a "apericena" (a middle way between a dinner and an appetizer), or stay for lunch or dinner based on focacce, platters of cheese and cold cuts, “lardo” at will. The atmosphere is friendly and the owner makes the climate very informal, gradually engaging a funny karaoke.

Ristorante Venanzio

Surrounded by a stunning landscape and fully open on a square marble-paved, Venanzio is a great place to stop especially in summer, to enjoy the cool dining in one of the outdoor tables. The menu is one of those classic, typically homemade, but with a particular taste in revisiting the recipes enhancing the taste of a selection of superfine ingredients, including of course the “lardo” of Colonnata.
  • Address: Piazza Palestro 3, Colonnata (MS)
  • Phone: (+39) 0585 758033
  • Website: http://www.ristorantevenanzio.com/
  • Opening hours: Closed on Sunday and Thursday evening (except August).
  • Price: 40 euro. Price range: 30-51€

L’Arco di Cybo

The restaurant is housed in a spectacular setting under the arch of Salvatore, in a historic residence that gives a special charm to the rooms, among stone walls and brick vaults. The menu offers refined dishes of meat and fish, with creative combinations that focus on quality of raw materials and on the interrelation between the local culinary tradition and innovation of contemporary cuisine.
  • Address: Piazza Portone 5, Carrara (MS)
  • Phone: (+39) 0585 41010
  • Website: http://www.larcodicybo.it
  • Price: 31 euro. Price range: 25-37€

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