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The strength of the province of Parma is definitely the food. Its enogastronomy include a wide range of products: from the mushrooms of Albereto and Borgotaro, to the "pane di montagna" (lit. "mountain bread"), from the potato and herb quiches, to the dishes based on chestnuts and berries, just to make few examples.
Worldwide known, of course, the most famous foods in Parma are the Parma ham (prosciutto) and the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, together with the less famous Culatello of Zibello and the Spalla Cotta (cooked shoulder ham) of San Secondo.
Among the typical first courses are the "cappelletti" or "anolini" in beef broth, "tortelli di erbette", and the "bomba di riso" ("rice bomb”).
Among typical second courses are beef stew ("stracotto") with polenta, boiled meats with tasty sauces, tripe and stuffed breast of veal (picàja).
Rice cake, almond cake, the "spongata", pastries stuffed with honey, walnuts and candied fruits, and candy violets are the most typical desserts.
Among the wines meeting DOC standards, typical are the white Malvasia and Sauvignon and the red Colli di Parma
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