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Murano & Burano
Murano & Burano
1 day trip from Padua
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How to get to Murano & Burano

By train
The station of Santa Lucia is located in Venice's historic center, so the train is one of the preferred means to reach the city. Once in Venice, is very simple to arrive to Murano and Burano as you just need to go to one of the piers that provide the service.
By car
You can arrive by car to Venice and use one of the parkings available. Then continue by boat. To reach Venice: SS 11 from Padua-Turin, SS 13 from Treviso, SS 14 from Trieste, SS 309 from the Adriatic coast. Or: A 4 from Trieste or Turin, A 13 from Bologna and A 27 from Belluno. After crossing the bridge Ponte della Libertà, you can get out of your car in Piazzale Roma, where you can park. Alternatively, you can use the parkings in Mestre station, from where depart buses and trains to Venice, parking of Marghera and of Fusina, which are also served by public transport lines (buses and ferries). From Piazzale Roma depart directly waterbus to Murano, in other cases it is necessary to reach Venice and then go to the island.
By boat
f you want to get to Murano from Piazzale Roma or from the station of Venice Saint Lucia, you can take a boat of the line 3 or 4.2 of the company Actv. From San Marco to get to Murano, you have to reach the pier of San Zaccaria-Monument. To Burano: from Piazzale Roma or from the station get off at the stop Faro of line 3 or 4.2 Actv, from Punta Sabbioni catch the line 12.

Since almost all the shops and bars of Murano and Burano close at 19, you may want to start your visit in the morning, so you have the whole day available. 
To better enjoy the experience of a trip to the lagoon, better choose a sunny day or at least in good weather. 
Remember absolutely the camera: the scenario that you are in front of will allow you to make spectacular photos!