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Ostuni: Dining Experience at a Local's Home
114 USD
Indulge in an intimate 4-course culinary journey, where the boundaries between chef and diner blur. As you savor each carefully crafted dish, your warm and gracious host will regale you with the stories behind Italy's most treasured family recipes, passed down through generations of love and tradition.
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Step into the cozy home of your knowledgeable host, where the aromas of traditional Italian cuisine will transport you to the Tuscan countryside. Within the walls of this charming abode, you'll be treated to an intimate, private dining experience, savoring authentic recipes that have been lovingly passed down through generations of Italian matriarchs. As you watch, your host will reveal the secrets of her family's treasured cookbook, preparing each dish with love and care, just as Nonna used to make. As the culinary magic unfolds before your eyes, you'll feel the warmth and generosity of Italian hospitality. Finally, gather 'round the rustic Italian table, where a bountiful, 4-course seasonal feast awaits. Savor each delicious bite of your starter, pasta, main course, and decadent dessert. As the evening draws to a close, you'll take home more than just an official apron – you'll treasure the unforgettable memories of this magical night for years to come.