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Brindisi: Kayaking Around Sant'Andrea Island & Giant Turtles
65 USD
As you glide across the waves in a canoe, you'll be mesmerized by the dolphins and turtles playing in the waters below. The breathtaking scenery is dominated by the majestic Alfonsino Castle, an imposing structure crafted from rustic carparo ashlars that rises from the landscape like a natural cliff, its grandeur mirrored in the sparkling sea.
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Explore the Enchanting Island of Sant'Andrea and Uncover its Secrets Embark on a thrilling kayaking adventure through the mesmerizing waters of Brindisi's middle port, where the majestic Alfonsino Castle, built with carparo ashlars, towers over the landscape like a natural sea cliff. As you paddle around the island of Sant'Andrea, you'll be transported back in time to an era when the island's fortresses stood strong against Ottoman expansionism. The emerald green waters, soaring jackdaws, and imposing castle architecture will leave you breathless. Join our guided tour and participate in our biosurveillance and research efforts, focused on the protection of the endangered Caretta caretta sea turtles that call the port's nutrient-rich waters home. After a brief break to learn about the region's fascinating geology, we'll continue our journey across the stone bridge of the Bocche di Puglia passage, where the open sea and a refreshing swim await. Our excursion concludes with a return to the embarkation point, filled with unforgettable memories of our adventure. Excursion Details: * Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours * Difficulty Level: Easy * Kayak Type: Tandem Sit-on-Top * Weight Limit per Participant: 100 kg * Prerequisite: Ability to swim.