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Ostuni Private Tour
245 USD
Discover the charm of Ostuni, famously known as the "White City", on this guided tour. This picturesque town in Puglia is a must-visit destination, boasting a rich history and breathtaking scenery. Explore the historic center, marvel at the beautiful cathedral, and take in the stunning views of the Itria Valley.
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Discover the charm of Ostuni, a treasure trove of Puglia's rich history and stunning architecture. Nicknamed the "White City", Ostuni is a breathtakingly beautiful town, famous for its intricately whitewashed houses that seem to shimmer in the sunlight. Join us on a guided tour of Ostuni, and let's start at the vibrant Libertà Square, where you'll be surrounded by grandeur. Admire the majestic town hall, and marvel at the impressive 21-meter-high column of Sant'Oronzo, built in 1771 as a tribute to the saint who protected the town from famines and epidemics. As you wander through the square, take a peek at the ancient city walls and defensive tower, relics of a bygone era. Then, stroll down Cattedrale Street, lined with an array of local craft shops, bustling commercial activities, and mouth-watering local delicacies. Your journey will culminate at the stunning Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, a masterpiece of 15th-century architecture. Be amazed by the elegant triple-arched facade, adorned with a magnificent 24-ray rose window. Next, we'll venture along the Aragonese walls, where breathtaking vistas of the picturesque Valle d'Itria unfold before your eyes. Our tour concludes at the historic Porta Nova gate, one of Ostuni's ancient entrances that whispers tales of the past.