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Valle d'Itria: Masseria and Olive Oil Tasting
38 USD
Delve into the heart of Puglia's rich olive heritage on a unique adventure that will leave you enchanted. Explore a majestic olive grove steeped in history, marvel at the ancient underground olive mill, and indulge in a sensory experience with a blind tasting of exquisite extra virgin olive oils, perfectly paired with traditional local delights.
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Uncover the secrets of Puglia's ancient olive cultivation on a unique and captivating tour. Wander through the majestic olive grove, where you'll marvel at the oldest and most fascinating olive trees, with their breathtaking shapes, while learning about the rich history of olive cultivation from a knowledgeable guide. Delve into the ancient underground mill and historic rooms of the fortified tower farm, where you'll discover the art of olive processing and learn about life on a traditional masseria. Next, indulge your senses with a blind tasting of 3-4 premium extra virgin olive oils, expertly paired with crispy friselline. Gain insight into the production process and the characteristics that make our oils truly exceptional. Join us for an unforgettable, fun, and emotive experience that will leave you with lifelong memories.