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The milanese gastronomic culture binds the two contrasting traditions of Pavese and Lodi cuisines. Typical recipes include frog omelette, saffron risotto, pumpkin risotto, cabbage soup, "casoela" (or "cassola"), mixed boiled meats, and the famous "cotoletta alla milanese" (chicken cutlet or chicken-fried chicken). 

Typical cheeses of the area include Grana Padano, Gorgonzola, Stravecchio and Crescenza
Among the cured meats it's worth while mentioning Milano Salame, with the unique added feature of grains of rice, and the Luganega of Monza, a sausage meat used in Lombardy to add flavor to risotto and soups.
In Milan were invented desserts such as the Panettone (a large, bready Christmas cake), the Easter Colomba (bread with raisins), Torta Paradiso with mascarpone and Charlotte alla Milanese, a cake made with Rennet apples and pears. 

Among the local wines we suggest to try the D.O.C. red wine of San Colombano
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