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Food tasting in Messina

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The principal ingredient of local cuisine is obviously fish: fried or baked, baked in foil, or grilled. The preparation can vary, but what matters most is its freshness. 
Swordfish from the Messina Strait is particularly delicious and is cooked in a thousand (all equally-appetizing) ways. Fish, crustaceans and mussels make a sumptuous soup and are a condiment for rice recipes and spaghetti baked in foil. 

Vegetables and fruits are other outstanding components of Messinese cooking. The caponata, eggplants parmigiana and potato omelette are three of the best local dishes prepared with the flavorful products of this land. 

Meat is never lacking, especially goat meat or mutton, strictly grilled, making it that much more delicious! 

Excellent dairy products highlight the canestrato cheese in sweet or spicy versions, sheep pecorino cheese, provola and cottage cheese, all made according to ancient traditions. 

Olive oil, honey, hazelnuts, pistachios and berries are the delicacies particularly linked to this land, especially in the Nebrodi. 

Local pastries are the Sicilian classics renowned the world over: cannoli, cassate, almond paste, martorana fruit and the typical Messinese pignolata
 The D.O.C. wines of Etna, the Malvasia di Lipari, and typical citrus liqueurs enhance the great flavors of this land. 
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