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1/2 day trip from Livorno
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Lovely hamlet lies at the foot of Monte Pisano

Calci is a charming village that lies at the foot of Monte Pisano, in the middle of a beautiful valley called Valle Graziosa, dotted with convents, olive trees, churches and chestnut woods.The origin of the name ‘Calci’ is derived from the Latin terms‘calx’, ‘calcis’, i.e. ‘lime’. This mineral is widely present in the stone quarries located along the coast of Lungomonte. Immersed amidst truly extraordinary landscape, you’ll find Certosa di Calci, founded in 1366 by the area’s monks.The hermetic lifestyle of Certosa di Calci is best represented by two fundamental elements: the monks’ cells and the church. The church’s appearance was completely renovated and transformed during the Baroque period; at the end of the eighteenth century, many of the period’s most talented artists worked to embellish Certosa. Masters from Carrara worked to enhance the interior façade which is extremely valuable in terms of frescoes, marble and wood work.Visitors won’t want to miss a trip to the Church of San Giovanni e Ermolao, founded in 1116. It features a beautiful baptismal font, which is one of the most important examples of neo-ancient sculpture in Pisa and Lucca.