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Brindisi Inland
Brindisi Inland
1 day trip from Lecce
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What to see in Brindisi Inland

Castello degli Imperiali

  • Address: Via Municipio, Francavilla Fontana (BR)

Chiesa Matrice del SS. Rosario

  • Address: Piazza Chiesa Madre, Francavilla Fontana (BR)

Palazzo Giannuzzi-Carissimo

  • Address: Via Roma 27, Francavilla Fontana (BR)

Basilica di Santa Maria della Vittoria

  • Address: Piazza Vittoria, San Vito dei Normanni (BR)

Castello Dentice di Frasso

Museo della Civiltà Rurale

  • Address: Via Mazzini 2, San Vito dei Normanni (BR)
  • Phone: (+39) 0831 951368
  • Opening hours: Open by reservation.

Castello Normanno-Svevo

  • Address: Piazza IV Novembre, Mesagne (BR)
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 9: 00-12:30, 17:30-20:30. Sundays and holidays: 10:00-12:30 and 17:30-20:30.
  • Price: 2 euro. Reduced: 1 euro.

Basilica Cattedrale

  • Address: Largo Cattedrale 9, Oria (BR)

Castello Svevo di Oria

  • Address: Via Castello, Oria (BR)
  • Phone: (+39) 0831 817158
  • Opening hours: Everyday 10 AM to 1 PM.
  • Notes: Currently under restoration.