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Historic Shops in Genoa: Tour Through Tradition and Flavours
15 USD
Learn about flavors and traditions of the immense heritage of the historic shops of Genoa.
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One of the most charming surprises of the Historic Centre and other areas of Genoa is to be able to explore the “botteghe storiche”: shops and artisans workshops that have been active for at least seventy years (but in many cases it’s more than 200!). These shops are an immense heritage that Genoa has preserved over time and to discover them during a stroll through its streets is a unique and authentic experience. A rich selection of historic shops of the old city centre, which you can admire from the outside, a suggestive guided tour among flavours and traditions, curious stories and anecdotes dedicated to the monuments located nearby. Along the way, a taste of traditional flavors thanks to the delivery of products by one of the shop included in the tour.