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Guided Tour of Rolli Palaces UNESCO Site, Genoa
15 USD
Embark on a captivating journey through the majestic palaces of Genoa, steeped in history and grandeur since the 16th century. Delve into the opulent world of noble residences, now proudly recognized as a treasured UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Step into the grandeur of 16th-century Genoa on a guided tour of the majestic Rolli Palaces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Accompanied by a bilingual guide, explore the opulent residences built by the aristocratic Genoese families during the "Secolo d'Oro" (Golden Century), a period of unparalleled prosperity between the 16th and 17th centuries. Discover the lavish "Palazzi dei Rolli," characterized by sweeping staircases, picturesque courtyards, and elegant loggias overlooking beautiful gardens. Strategically positioned on different levels, these palaces were once part of a revolutionary network of public hospitality houses, designed to host dignitaries during state visits. In 1576, the Senate of the Republic of Genoa decreed that these palaces would be inscribed on parchment rolls, hence the name "Rolli." The palaces were categorized into three "bussoli," or ballots, based on their grandeur and size. This unique system allowed the selection of a palace to host esteemed guests, such as cardinals, princes, and viceroys. The Rolli's significance extends beyond Genoa, as it represents the pioneering concept of luxury hospitality in Europe. Its historical importance was recognized in 2006, when it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These extravagant residences even caught the attention of the renowned Flemish painter Rubens, who featured them in a book of drawings as a model of residential excellence for the Antwerp nobility. Experience the essence of Italy's Golden Century in Genoa, where art, history, and luxury blend together in perfect harmony.