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Food tasting in Genoa

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Basil, cheese, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts and salt are carefully ground and mixed with a wooden pestle in a marble mortar. This is "pesto", the symbol of Ligurian cuisine, and a simple recipe with a supremely-unique taste. 
As long as it is prepared with Genovese basil from Prà, it is truly excellent; recently it was awarded the DOP label. It is perfect with the handmade trofie or trenette: the texture of these pastas is ideal to soak up pesto's rich flavor. 
The city is also renown for its "focaccia", the best fingerfood you can taste in Liguria; the cheese focaccia of Recco is a particular version that worth a try.

Attention to detail and the gastronomic creativity of the Genovese people are also exemplified by the pansotti, a kind of ravioli filled with chard in a walnut sauce; the minestrone alla genovese made with pesto; the cima, a richly stuffed veal; the stockfish accomodato, served with Taggiasche olives; the cappon magro, a salad made with vegetables, shellfish and fish that has evolved from a frugal meal to a delicacy; the ciuppin, a long-standing fish-based soup recipe (claimed by Riva Trigoso); the fugassa, a focaccia served with local olive oil; and the torta pasqualina, made with the local vegetables.

For dessert, canestrelli are crisp almond-based pastries, while the pandolce goes served on a laurel branch. A variety of flavors and colors are enriched by the quality of the wines, both red and white, that only the "land of the Lanterna" could offer. Those who want to learn more about Genoa must experience the flavors of its superb and generous cuisine (which also belies the reputation of its people as penny-pinchers)!
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