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The sea, an element that characterizes the history of Venice, provides a lot of typical food: seafood, crabs, shellfish, sea bass, eels and oily fish. Moreover, it is possible to find the Moscardino of Caorle (the eledone octopus), the Schilla di Venezia (shellfish) and river crayfish, farmed and fished in the Venetian area since Antiquity. 

White meats are also typical: goose (to make pâté), salame, sausages, ciccioli (pork), prosciutto (ham) and speck.

The emblem of Venetian food has always been polenta, served as a main course, as an appetizer or side dish. The famous recipes are, in general, polenta with creamed codfish or polenta with osei (small birds wrapped with lard and sautéed with olive oil and sage). 

After the polenta, the local cuisine’s main ingredient is rice. In Veneto this is served with broth (all’onda), and in the form of many other recipes: with potatoes, pumpkin, chicory, nettles, etc. 

Amongst the desserts (including those mostly enjoyed at Christmas) are the famous dry biscuits or cookies: baicoli, zaleti, fave alla veneziana, bussolai, sagagiardi, and exquisite cakes such as Nicolotta and Pinza.

This exquisite food can be tasted with local wines such as Cabernet, Pinot, Verduzzo and Merlot
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