Sea and Carnival

The town of Viareggio was developed in the sixteenth century as an access to the sea of the neighboring Republic of Lucca. 
The historic sites of the city are now the sixteenth Matilde Tower, which rises massive along the docks, and numerous art nouveau buildings that can be seen throughout the city. Renowned capital of the summer resort, Viareggio became famous in the early twentieth century for the luxury hotels and for beach resorts that characterize it today. 
The mild climate, the equipped beaches, shopping places and large green parks in the city center, make it perfect for a relaxing stay, for a family holiday with small children. The city is perfectly walkable and even more cycling (numerous freight rates with daily, weekly and monthly packages). Viareggio is also famous for its shipbuilding industry, famous throughout the world for its great sailing and motor yachts that stand towering in the docks and marina.
For those traveling in winter, you may want to visit Viareggio during a Sunday of Carnival, when the sea avenues are literally invaded with the gigantic allegorical paper mache constructions and tens of thousands of people attending strictly masked parades. The show is a must! During the weekend the streets of the districts of the city host outdoor parties where you can eat and dance until late at night and then move through the nightlife of Versilia where masked balls take place.